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Plumbing Supplies

At Vectawarm we offer quality but affordable plumbing supplies and accessories. With some of the best plumbing products on the market, we work hard to ensure you have a wide range of reliable materials and supplies to give your project the professional touch from start to finish.

The Islands Plumbers Merchant for the Trade and DIY

l plumbing work and a varied selection of plastic plumbing products including pushfit fittings perfect for the DIY enthusiast. Take a look in our Plumbing shop we have a large ‘help yourself’ showroom with a reliable range of products, great for both domestic and business use.


Push-fit fittings

Push-Fit Fittings are the perfect pipe connection for speed, without using wrenches, pipe benders, or blow torches and can be used with ease by the professional or DIY user and are particularly beneficial where it is not desirable to use naked flames.

Snug Underfloor heating

Snug Water and Electric underfloor systems from the experts are flexible and ideal for quick and easy installation.

Water systems, often called wet systems, are very versatile. From a single kitchen to a whole hotel, if you’re for great efficiency they are the best choice. They can be tuned to give out the exactly the heat each room needs and no more, creating comfortable warmth and cutting edge bills.

Electric systems are agile in many ways. They are easy to install in small irregular shaped rooms or areas difficult to run water pipes too, such as a conservatory. The most useful thing about electric is the fact they heat up quickly when you need it most.

Sung Underfloor Imagery

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