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Wall mounted fires technology

Flueless fires work using Pure Heat catalytic technology and therefore all of the heat generated by these fires enters your room. Subsequently, neither a chimney nor flue is required. 

Flueless fires not only bring you the benefit of reduced gas bills, but also the added convenience that they can be either installed into an existing fireplace surround or simply hung on the wall using just four screws. With the wall mounted option no building work is required and the fire can be installed in almost any room. 

The catalytic technology cleans the hot air leaving the combustion chamber, converting Carbon Monoxide into harmless Carbon Dioxide. It works so effectively that it can also assist in neutralising unwanted airborne particles and allergens present in the home, helping to create a cleaner and friendlier environment. 

The fire must be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Flueless fires are not permitted in the bathroom. 



A flueless gas fire can SAVE you up to 70% off your gas heating bill A flueless gas fire converts 100% of the gas to heat unlike open coal effect fires which convert as little as 10%. Typically running costs for a 2.0kW input/output flueless gas fire is approx 14.4p per hour on high. A 6.8kW conventional open fronted gas fire with comparable 2.0kW output can cost as much as 48.9p per hour on high. By replacing your standard open fronted gas fire with a 100% efficient flueless gas fire it is possible to save up to 70% off your future gas bills.

Gas Fires - Conventional Flue

If you are looking for a conventional flue gas fires, we display a varied range. Flue gas fires make sure that gases are conveyed away from your home and mean that you do not require a chimney. These fires also range in efficiency between 50% and 67% which adds to their appeal.

You can choose from a large range of fires requiring a conventional chimney or flue – from glass fronted fires to the more traditional in style open-fronted gas fires. 

All of our flue gas fires also have an oxygen depletion sensor to ensure your safety at all


Is a convention flue gas fire suitable for you? 

The first thing to do to ascertain the suitability of your home for a conventional flue gas fire is to find out what type of flue/chimney you have and the size of your fireplace. 

Our fires are designed to fit into almost any fireplace opening. 

Our conventional flue inset gas fires are suitable for your property if you have:

A conventional chimney
A pre-cast flue
A pre-fabricated flue
A Powaflue

Electric Fires

There’s no reason why not having access to a gas supply should mean that you can’t enjoy the stunning completion of your home that occurs when you purchase one of our fires.

This is why as well as stunning gas fires, we also sell an excellent range of electric fires in a wide variety of styles and designs. Getting an electric fire from us couldn’t be easier.

Electric Fire

Whether you are looking for a beautiful wall mounted fire that can be installed in any suitable room of your home or a stunning inset fire that amalgamates a traditional aesthetic with a sleek and modern feel all you need is a fixed socket within 1.8 metres of the desired fire location and not above the appliance.

Wall Mounted Electric Fires that plug into any electricity supply and have fewer limitations than traditional gas fires because they can be installed into any suitable room. Imagine lying in bed while the rain pours down outside, watching the realistic flames dance around the fuel bed. There is no cosier feeling than this, which is why so many people view our fires as the finishing touch they need to make their home into a wonderful haven from the world.

Inset Electric Fires that are designed specifically so that they can be fitted into a fireplace surround with no need for a flue or gas supply like you would need with a gas fire. All you have to do with these is plug them into your electricity supply – perfection.