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Calor, Autogas & Campinaz

Sole Distributors of Calor Gas and Auto Gas

Vectawarm is the Isle of Wight's sole distributor of Calor Gas and Auto Gas. We provide free delivery of Calor Gas when included in a schedule run. Choose the perfect-sized gas container for commercial, home or leisure use.

Save money by converting your vehicle to Auto Gas. You can fill up at our Newport-based gas outlet. We're the island's only Auto Gas outlet.


Isle of Wight Autogas

If you're not already driving a car or van powered by Autogas, you could be missing out on big financial savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Nearly all road vehicles can easily convert to LPG, so you could soon be saving money and reducing your effect on the environment. Autogas is far cheaper than petrol or diesel and you also benefit from cheaper car tax, lower fuel duty and reduced car parking in some areas. Better still, many vehicles that run on Autogas even qualify for a 100% discount on the Congestion Charge in London. What's more, LPG cars and vans give out far fewer harmful emissions than vehicles using traditional fuels - making it the cleaner, greener option. Most vehicles are bi-fuel too, so you can still drive on petrol or diesel if you want with just the flick of a switch. 

Converting your car or van is easy. So why not join the 160,000 vehicles in the UK already running on LPG. You'll be saving money and the environment.